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Adv. Maya Kasir-Ella

About Us
עורכת דין מאיה קסיר-אלה

About Us


K.E.M Translations began its business activity in 2016 and was established by Adv. Maya Kasir-Ella, who had previously worked as an attorney in an international commercial department of one of Israel’s top 5 law firms.

Maya brings to the firm her rich life experience that includes a decade of living overseas, in the US and UK, which greatly contributes to her familiarity with the local terminology. By using such knowledge gained and being familiar with the jargon used in the various industries in which the firm works, the ultimate result is an accurate and professional translation that is adapted to both US and UK culture, as the case may be.

The firm offers professional, high-quality and reliable translations, which are tailor-made to the customer’s needs, while paying attention to the smallest details of the documents as well as their visibility. The final product delivered to the customer is accurate and meticulous, both legally and linguistically, with the aim of producing a document that appears to be the source itself, in all aspects.

Our Services

Our Services

The firm specializes in translating a wide range of legal and business material such as contracts and commercial agreements, corporate documents including articles of association, shareholder agreements, pleadings, affidavits, legal opinions, various financial documents such as financial statements, periodic reports, prospectuses, financial presentations, valuation opinions, wills and testaments and more.


We work with Israel’s leading law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, private and public companies and private clients.


The firm provides translations at the highest level, taking into account the characteristics of the specific document required for translation and combining extensive legal knowledge into the final product that is created.

Our Clients
Our Clients


Israel’s Leading

Law Firms








Private and Public Companies




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Contact Us
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